GLOBALPACK is an International Packaging Conference and Exhibit/Trade Show featuring leading personalities in the world of packaging from the WORLD PACKAGING ORGANISATION, ASIAN PACKAGING FEDERATION, PACKAGING INSTITUTE OF THE PHILIPPINES and other global institutions from Europe and Asia, as well as speakers from related industries, the academe and government.

GlobalPack 2017 will focus on the theme - PACKAGING: Pathways to ASEAN Economic Integration to bring into focus, the role of packaging in ASEAN’s One Production Base, One Market and the role it plays in Export and Domestic Trade, Food, Consumerism, ICT and Sustainability.

The conference will also present new developments, trends and innovations in global packaging – spurred market economics and technological advancements.

The Exhibit and Trade Show will bring together the industry’s processing and packaging businesses, retail and commercial products both for the export and domestic market.

A look back at GLOBALPACK 2012

GLOBALPACK 2012 was held in IloIlo on July 24-27, 2012.  Speakers from the World Packaging Organisation led by it's president Mr. Thomas Schneider, local packaging experts led by Dr. lejo Braña - the only Filipino inducted to the International Packaging hall of Fame. A free seminar was also held for the benefit of the Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.